Urban rail infrastructure


Product description:​

MNS1000 substation inverter – support of the trolleybus power supply network at the time of voltage drop of this network (when starting trolleybuses, etc.) from the accumulator battery.

In times of “standstill” the battery pack is charged. The inverter supports the use of regenerative braking of urban electric traction vehicles (it stores the regenerated energy in the accumulator batteries). The inverter is designed as an automatic unattended system
controlled by a higher-level control system.

Benefits for the customer and their quantification (more favourable price, increased quality, reduced replacement or service intervals, time savings, ease of use, etc.) Increased voltage quality in the electrified urban rail network. Avoidance of trolleybus undervoltage outages in the trolleybus network, promotion of recuperation – energy storage in batteries. Reducing the cost of supporting the trolleybus network, by building a new more efficient substation (converter station), increasing the coverage of the current substation.