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Electrotechnical research and projecting company

Production, research and development, repair and maintenance service s, and trading in the areas of electrical components for transport, mechatronic systems, current power supplies, and defense systems.

News: Invitation to the IDET 2023

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of EVPÚ a.s., we would like to invite you to the IDET 2023 exhibition, which will be held in Brno from 24-26 May.

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Electrocomponents for Railways

Static power converters for powering auxiliary drives of passenger carriages, traction converters, and electronics for driving railway vehicles and public transport vehicles and static converters for railway infrastructure are supplied with their own hardware and software equipment optimized to meet customer requirements and meet relevant international standards.

All EVPÚ products are based on their own development using state-of-the-art semiconductor elements and materials.

Current Power Supply

Current power supplies developed, manufactured and tested in EVPU, j. s. c., are static power converters that are designed to provide a long-term stable power supply for deflection electromagnets and electromagnets to provide beam focusing in a charged particle accelerator transport system.

Realized power sources were developed and manufactured for the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, (JINR, Dubna, Russia) and are used to supply of conventional electromagnets as
well as superconducting electromagnets.

Mechatronic Systems

Components for optoelectronic observation systems, a series of stabilized and unstabilized positional two axis manipulators, complete optoelectronic observation systems, deployable optoelectronic systems, mobile optoelectronic systems, stationary optoelectronic systems to protect important objects and areas.

Mechatronic systems developed and manufactured by EVPU, j. s. c. have high reliability, long lifetime and wide use in extreme weather conditions.

Defense Systems

Production for defense systems is being developed, produced and tested in EVPÚ j. s. c. Remote-controlled weapon stations are gyroscopically stabilized and integrated into wheeled and tracked vehicles. Modular components for upgrading armored infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft systems with optional accessories, protection and configurable according to customer requirements.

Defense industry equipment is designed to meet MIL standards and meet the difficult customer requirements for use in a wide range of applications.