Research & Development

Research and development centre within the specialization creates appropriate working groups suitable to needs of individual projects. Focused on strengths of company engineers brings fully support to them to provide the best results. Based on the project specifications for each project we assign separate working team. Customer requirements are subject to rigorous analysis and creating solutions is well-founded by all available knowledge in the field.

Our equipment allows us to develop analysis using a computer simulation system (CAD, CAM). To precede errors in the stage of research and technological development all production drawings are prepared in digital form. Each project is subject to subsequent archiving.


To achieve effective production, EVPÚ uses its own internal capacities and out-sourcing in companies that have at disposal the most modern technological equipment. In this way we provide the complete mechanical production, electrotechnical production and final assembly for our products. In case of serial production we perform the activities mostly in our subsidiary companies.


EVPU, a. s., Slovak testing centre – SKTC no. 101 runs accredited testing laboratories and an independent certification and inspection body. The testing centre was accredited in 1993 and provides full range of mechanical and electric tests of electrotechnical products, electrical safety of household appliances, hand tools, medical equipment, industrial equipment, components for automotive industry, tests of electric fire alarms, tests of optical qualities, influence of extreme mechanical and climatic conditions etc. The testing is performed in compliance with international CCA and IECC CB systems.