Power electrical systems for urban rail vehicles


Higher installed capacity

Lower weight and shape more suitable for integration

High lifetime of static converters

Display, control and diagnostic system

Modular system

Product Description:

The drives are controlled from the vehicle control system via CAN bus. Of course, the vehicle can be controlled from the rear station and up to three coupled vehicles can be operated from one station. The traction drive system has several levels of backup modes allowing emergency range in case of failure of one traction group, or the control system, or some other components of the electrical equipment. The equipment is housed in containers located in place of the original electrical equipment containers.

Implemented projects

  • Vehicle control and diagnostic system ;
  • Traction converter container containing input choke, main inverters, brake resistor and container cooling fans;
  • Auxiliary drive inverter container comprising a decoupling inverter- stabilizer, an auxiliary drive inverter, and a static inverter-charger;
  • Traction asynchronous motor;
  • Auxiliary inverter comprising a decoupling inverter-stabiliser, an inverter for auxiliary drives and a static inverter-charger with implemented parallel cooperation (redundancy) of several inverters to ensure reliability of power supply
  • Main and auxiliary inverter container
  • Auxiliary inverter containing inverters for supplying auxiliary drives and charger
Mining locomotive
  • Main and auxiliary converter
Urban rail infrastructure
  • Main and auxiliary converter