Automatic tracking

Low maintenance

Low weight weapon station

Day, night camera, laser sight

Modular system

Product Description:

GLADIUS MINI is a compact remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) which can be installed on wheeled/tracked light armored vehicles (LAV), military vessels, patrol boats or stationary platforms. It is designed to eliminate the enemy troops and lightly armored land and air targets such as trucks, LAV, UAV etc.

It allows the integration of 5.56 – 7.62 mm machine guns (both NATO and Eastern standards). Reconnaisance, aiming and firing tasks are performed using a modular multi-sensor electro-optical system which comprises a day camera, thermal imaging (night) camera, laser rangefinder and, optionally, an additional aiming camera.

The gunner operates the weapon station from an operator terminal comprising the following basic units:

  • Operator screen
  • Operator control panel
  • Control handles


Key features:

  • Two independent stabilized axes in azimuth and elevation for the weapon system
  • Modular multi-sensor electro-optical system consisting of a FULL HD day camera, thermal imaging (night) camera with VGA or HD resolution, laser rangefinder and aiming camera (optionally). Video data in compliance with DEF-STAN-00-82 may be further distributed within the vehicle (platform)
  • Advanced modular SW
  • Optional integration of further protection systems such as a laser and radar irradiation detection system in combination with smoke grenade launchers
  • Optional integration of Level 2 ballistic protection


Key advantages of GLADIUS MINI include the fact that the choice of weapon system and sensors may be individually modified to suit the needs and requirements of the customer.