Remote controlled turret

Remote control

Ballistic protection (crew) – STANAG 3

Ballistic protection (turret) - STANAG 1

Extensive loaded ammunition capacity

Gunner and commander sight

Low profile

Product Description:

The TURRA 30 is a remotely operated weapon system. Its designed to be integrated on light wheeled or tracked armoured and combat vehicles. It is primarily used as part of the combat superstructure of infantry vehicles that are designed to perform combat and special tasks within their own combat formation as well as in the depth of an adversary’s combat formation.

Thanks to innovations, the TURRA 30 is significantly lighter than its predecessors while maintaining the same effective ballistic protection. The turret has a complete armament that includes a 30 mm automatic cannon of the MK-44S Bushmaster II or GTS-30/A type. It also includes a SPIKE LR/LR-2 anti-tank guided set, a 7.62 mm machine gun of the FN MAG or PKT type, and smoke grenades of the GALIX or HOLE type. The new version can also integrate an active protection system.

One of the imperatives for the development of a remotely operated turret is to protect the lives of the crew of the vehicle on which it is deployed. Therefore, it also has ammunition placed outside the crew compartment. Another protection of lives and health is the location of the crew outside the turret compartment.