Slovak TURRA 30 battle turret heading to the South Asian market

At IDEB 2023, the Slovak company EVPÚ a. s. and the Indonesian company PT Republik DEFENS signed a cooperation agreement on the use of the Slovak TURRA 30 combat turret in the conditions of the Indonesian defence industry.

The TURRA 30 remote-controlled weapon system, which is used on light wheeled or tracked armoured and combat vehicles, was developed, manufactured and marketed over ten years ago by the Slovak company EVPÚ a. s., Nová Dubnica. Since then, the company has been continuously improving this combat turret, which is one of the technological leaders in its class, in cooperation with partners who use its services.

Since last week, the Indonesian company PT Republik DEFENS Indonesia, which is mainly dedicated to the development and production of systems for the defence industry, has been one of them. On Wednesday, October 4, at the IDEB Defence and Security trade fair in Bratislava’s Incheba, the two companies signed an agreement to develop business activities for the TURRA 30 product in Indonesia.

EVPÚ a. s. was represented by its CEO Michal Pavlík and the Indonesian company by its counterpart, Ivandry Febriand Sitep. The cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of representatives of the Indonesian defence industry and H.E. R. Pribadi Sution, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Slovakia. Together with them, the ceremony was attended by Martin Sirotka, Commercial Director for Foreign Affairs of the Indonesian arms holding Republikorp, which includes PT Republik Defens Indonesia.

“I am convinced that thanks to the activities symbolically covered by the cooperation agreement, we will be able to intensify cooperation between the arms industry of the Republic of Indonesia and the Slovak Republic,” M. Pavlík summarized the most important benefits of joint negotiations with Asian partners.

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