Goulash party

An opportunity to take a break from daily work duties and strengthen relationships with colleagues.

On Friday 7.7., a goulash meeting was held in EVPÚ a.s., where employees met in an informal atmosphere, which brought an opportunity to relax from everyday work duties and strengthen relationships with colleagues.

The event took place in a park on the company’s campus, where employees were greeted with the smell of freshly prepared venison stew. The company management took care of serving all participants, who could fully enjoy the atmosphere. 🍦There was also an ice cream stand which delighted many staff.

We are convinced that such events have a long-term impact on the working atmosphere and relationships between employees. Our aim is to make this event not just a one-off event, but to make it a tradition. We plan to continue organizing similar corporate events where we will have the opportunity to deepen our relationships, strengthen team cohesion and have fun together outside of the work environment.

We believe that this tradition will have a positive impact on our team and that each such event will be even better and more enjoyable than the previous one. We look forward to the future and further experiences together.

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