EVPÚ is expanding cooperation with an important European arms concern

We are expanding our cooperation with the major European arms concern BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Our cooperation in the production of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle for the Slovak Ministry of Defence is proof of the growing strength of the Slovak defence industry. With new projects come new opportunities and new challenges that we look forward to responding to.

EVPÚ a.s. cooperates with the British-Swedish concern BAE Systems Hägglunds. for several years. Cooperation in the production of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle for the Slovak Ministry of Defense has recently been added to the existing projects. The Novodubnica company also participates in it with two other Slovak enterprises of the defense industry. With the Dubnica company ZTS-ŠPECIÁL, a.s., which is the main supplier of the vehicle and, among others, with the company KOVAL SYSTEMS, a. s., which is responsible for the production and integration of the tower.

CV90 infantry fighting vehicle

One of the key tasks of NATO members is to strengthen the heavy mechanized brigade. British Ambassador to Slovakia Nigel Baker stated this for TASR during his visit to Nova Dubnica. He added that an important part of these efforts is also the production of modern combat tracked vehicles CV90. The company EVPÚ a.s. is also at the starting line of the project, which will support employment, expand the know-how of Slovak companies and involve them in the global supply chain.

The Novodubnica company will supply and manufacture an optoelectronic system, namely the command sight of the battle tower. EVPÚ also provides some construction work on the development of combat vehicle equipment. The exact scope of work will be specified in the coming days and weeks.

Command sight CMS-1

The company ZTS-ŠPECIÁL, a.s., will carry out the complete assembly of vehicles, and the company KOVAL SYSTEMS, a.s. with. manufactures all mechanical parts and components for the vehicle tower. At the same time, he will be the supplier of a completely manufactured, configured and tested tower.

“We see the new partnership as a recognition of our decades of research, development and production of electronic systems. We are pleased that we can take advantage of these experiences and develop them on this project. It has the potential to further spread the prestige of the Slovak defense industry and support production in a segment that brings high added value and employment,” said EVPÚ General Director Michal Pavlík. As he further noted, the Novi Dubnica company has been cooperating with the BAE Systems concern for several years.

Michal Pavlík, general director of EVPÚ a.s.

All three Slovak companies have already completed audits in Sweden. In doing so, they demonstrated their readiness to deliver their parts of the project in high quality and on schedule. “Together with our Slovak partners, we are ready to supply the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic with a modern and combat-proven solution using the latest technologies,” said BAE Systems Hägglunds CEO Tommy Gustafsson-Rask for TASR.

The CV90 infantry fighting vehicle is available in 17 variants and is designed to provide optimal mobility with the highest level of protection in any terrain or tactical environment. Currently, there are almost 1450 units of these vehicles in operation in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

CV90 Family – source BAE Systems

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