Celebrations of the 55th anniversary of our establishment in the High Tatras

The solutions of EVPÚ have been propelling various machines on tracks since time immemorial. Therefore, even friends from the railways had to be part of the inner circle of people with whom we concluded this year’s celebrations of the 55th anniversary of our establishment in the High Tatras.

Where else could the last day of November 2023 start our celebration than on the tracks? More precisely, in the Trojča tram, which set off towards Veľká Lomnica-Tatranská Polianka.

The iconic tram, operating on the Tatra railway since 1969, can still remind us of the ingenuity and everyday life of our ancestors, thanks to the enthusiasts from the Civil Association Veteran Club Railways Poprad.

“But also thanks to EVPÚ,” reminded the association’s director Ján Sabaka of the moments when they found themselves in a tight spot and couldn’t independently repair the Trojča’s voltage changer. In the end, they decided to reach out to our specialists, who had the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of this charming industrial monument. Words of appreciation pleased us, as did the playing of the mountain musicians who enhanced the ride through the snowy Tatra landscape. In the true winter weather, we were also warmed and satisfied with specialties from local suppliers.

Historic ride with the Trojča tram

In a festive mood, we moved to the Poliankovo gallery in Tatranská Polianka for a Dialogue with the Planet. That’s the name of the exhibition created in collaboration with documentarist Pavol Barabáš, which, thanks to digital technologies, guided us through the amazing corners of our planet. There was plenty to see in Poliankovo for a very long time, but Trojča awaited us for the return journey, whose final destination was in Veľká Lomnica at the International Hotel. This hotel belonged to us alone on this evening, and its director, Ján Chmelnický, deserves great thanks. Along with his colleagues, they helped us prepare an evening that we believe, along with our guests, will be remembered for a very long time.

As is fitting, the evening began with a speech by our CEO, Mr. Michal Pavlík. He reminisced about past and present times, as well as the milestones of the EVPÚ company, which has become an established and stable player in the market today. Everything significant that happened in the company’s history stood on two important pillars: loyal, qualified employees, and business partners. Those loyal and connected to the railways were considered stable and loyal to the company. Therefore, Mr. Pavlík thanked them for being part of EVPÚ’s successful history, which was illustrated by a brief presentation video, at the end of which the company’s new logo was introduced.

This was followed by a performance by the folk ensemble Marína, which entertained us throughout the evening. There were over 40 of us in the evening program, and we had a lot to talk about. We reminisced about past collaborations and planned for future projects. One of the new projects agreed upon during our celebration might be assistance in the modernization of the Children’s Railway Košice locomotive.

Discussions about work accompanied us throughout the evening and were not bothersome to anyone; quite the opposite. Because one thing we have in common with our partners is that the work in the companies where we operate is not just our job but also a hobby. A hobby of which we are proud and which we want to continue developing together.

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