Power Electrical Systems for Railcars


Higher installed capacity

Lower weight and shape more suitable for integration

High lifetime of static converters


Modular system

Product Description:

EVPU brings an innovation to the market – a multi-system static power semiconductor converter for securing the transport of goods that need to be frozen/refrigerated during transport (food, flowers, etc.), which are stored in refrigerated containers. The inverters provide power to these containers based on state-of-the-art technology – power semiconductor components with the implementation of modern control structures in the form of microcomputer systems. In this way, it is possible to replace the power supply to the containers by means of self-combustion units for powering the compressors.

Multi-system inverters = Input voltages :

  • 1000 V AC, 16 2/3 Hz; 1000 V AC, 50 Hz; 1000 V AC, 22 Hz
  • 1500 V AC, 50 Hz; 1500 V DC
  • 3000 V DC or 3000 V AC, 50 Hz;

Outputs /according to customer requirements/

  • Provides power for the compressor and fan motors of the air conditioning unit
  • Battery charging and power supply for other electrical appliances