Electronics for Passenger Carriages


Higher installed capacity

Lower weight and shape more suitable for integration

High lifetime of static converters

Display, control and diagnostic system

Modular system

Product Description:

EVPU offers the design and manufacture of multi-system static power semiconductor converters, the concept of which is based on state-of-the-art power semiconductor component technologies with the implementation of advanced control structures in the form of microcomputer systems.

EVPU, Inc. has already installed hundreds of static power converters for powering auxiliary drives in passenger cars, as well as in metro and public transport vehicles, and also offers power supplies for freight cars for powering refrigerated containers. Wagons with installed static power converters for powering auxiliary drives are in full operation in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Russia, Spain, Italy, Mexico and India.

Multi-system inverters = Input voltages:

• 1000 V AC, 16 2/3 Hz; 1000 V AC, 50 Hz; 1000 V AC, 22 Hz
• 1500 V AC, 50 Hz; 1500 V DC
• 3000 V AC, 50 Hz; 3000 V DC

Outputs /according to customer requirements/

• Provides power for the air conditioner compressor and fan motors
• power supply for heating elements (HV or LV),
• battery charging and power supply for other electrical appliances in the passenger car;
• on-board mains, socket circuits