They wrote about us in the magazine Obrana

On 14 May, on the occasion of the opening of the IDEB Defence & Security 2024 fair, the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Robert Kaliňák, said: “A strong and dynamic defence industry is a fundamental prerequisite for the security and stability of us and our allies.”

Our CEO of EVPÚ a.s., Michal Pavlík, presented our latest technology challenge. At the IDET fair in Brno last year, he announced that this year we would bring a tower with an anti-drone system, which we succeeded in.

The new version of the remote-controlled TURRA 30-SA turret is equipped with a system of 3D radars that can detect drones and take control of them. In addition, in Dubnica, we are working on a system to shoot down drones in case the jamming system fails. In addition, this turret is enriched with a shot detection system that wants to hit it, and in this way it is possible to eliminate the danger that would threaten it. It can be used on all wheeled and tracked armored and combat vehicles.

This system is being developed in cooperation with IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries. For our efforts, we won the PRIX IDEB Award for the TURRA 30-SA remote-controlled turret. 

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