Other Power Electronic Products

Examples of other products from our production:

  • Industrial automation inverters and devices
  • Special power transformers and inductors
  • Torque motors and manipulators
  • Technological facilities for municipal recovery waste
High voltage test source for JN400 / 3000 inverters

A device designed for simulation of RIC voltage according to UIC 550. It is used for testing of auxiliary converters, heaters, high voltage selectors, high voltage contactors and so on.


Because the device is designed for use in industrial premises, it is powered from a standard mains voltage of 3x400V, 50Hz, which is available in-house or laboratory.


The output voltages are in accordance with the UIC standard, which means that the equipment under test is tested for international operation:

  • 1000 V 16 2/3 or 50 Hz
  • 1500 V DC or 50 Hz
  • 3000 V DC or 50 Hz
Power converter for mining electric locomotive
Technological complex for processing municipal solid waste TK60T
Linear accelerator
Device for medical applications.