Electrocomponents for Railways

Electronics for Passenger Carriages

The semiconductor converters have become recently dominant power source in vehicles. Their concept is based on the most modern technologies of power semiconductor components with implementation of modern control structures in form of microcomputer systems.

The advantages of the auxiliary power converters compared to supply equipment using the rotary electrical machines are:

  • Ensure uninterrupted powering electrical devices in the vehicles /onboard mains, air condition/ even the carriage is in the station;
  • Output voltages of auxiliary power converters correspond to voltages in standard electric mains, and so passengers in coaches have a possibility to use common electrical devices;
  • Higher installed power;
  • Higher efficiency of power supply consequent from the way of electrical energy generation. This results in higher saving of energy and operating costs;
  • Lower weight compared with rotary generators and more suitable shape for integration into vehicles;
  • High durability of converters;
  • Our power supplies are designed on the base of a modular concept that delivers benefits within design and service.

Many installed auxiliary power converters for passenger carriages, underground vehicles, city transport vehicles and also converter for freight wagons are in operation in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and India.

Multisystem auxiliary converter, type: JN3014/400/24
Input Voltage:

  • 1000 V AC, 16 2/3 Hz; 1000 V AC, 50 Hz
  • 1500 V AC, 50 Hz; 1500 V DC
  • 3000 V AC, 50 Hz; 3000 V DC

The modular concept allows this device to be configured to connect to all UIC voltages as well as to 3000 V AC, 50 Hz (for Central European and Eastern European railways). The system is designed for automatic operation when changing different voltage systems.

Outputs (according to customer request):

The inverter provides power to the compressor and fan units of the air conditioner. As well this inverter provides power to the radiators, battery charging and other electrical appliances in the passenger carriage.


Multisystem auxiliary converter, type: JN3014M-12/400/24
Auxiliary converter JN3014M-12/400/24 is a multi-system converter powered from train supply bus, designed for international operation on European railways. The converter’s output (54 kW or 66 kVA) is designed for installation in fully air-conditioned passenger coaches. The converter provides voltage to power the air conditioning, ventilation, smaller AC loads and battery charging. The new concept brings a reduced cabinet height. Volume and part of the input circuits is located directly in the main part of the converter. The reliability of the converter is improved by implementing the emergency mode. Input Power Supply Voltage 1 kV AC, 16.67 Hz, 22 Hz, 50 Hz; 1.5 kV AC 50 Hz; 3 kV AC 50 Hz; 1.5 kV DC; 3 kV DC.

Utilization of JN3014M-12/400/24 in the newly built carriages series Bmpeer.

Multi-System Auxiliary Converter for dinning carriages, Type: JN3027/400/24

The JN3027/400/24 is a multi-system auxilliary converter with modular concept, designed for European railways, which can be powered by train supply bus running at different traction voltages and frequencies. The rated input voltages at which the inverter operates are in accordance with UIC 550. Moreover, the inverter is capable of operating in the 3 kV AC 50 Hz or 1 kV AC 50 Hz systems.

1 kV AC 16.67 Hz, 22 Hz, 50 Hz, 1.5 kV AC 50 Hz, 3 kV AC 50 Hz, 1.5 kV DC, 3 kV DC.

The total power of the inverter can reach up to 100 kVA. Therefore this inverter is suitable for all wagons with higher energy requirements, such as dinning carriages. However, the parameters of the individual power modules can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of each customer. The converter has a modular concept and the required outputs are obtained by installing suitable power modules according to the required power. Portfolio of EVPÚ consist of chargers, single phase inverters and three-phase inverters of different power.

Other types of the multi-system modular static power converter to power the vehicle’s auxiliary drives
Type: JN3014M-11
Type: JN3014M-12
Type: JN3014M-14
Type: JN3014M-18
Type: JN3028

Designed for freight wagons to supply refrigerated containers.

Type: JN3028-1

Designed for freight wagons to supply refrigerated containers.

Auxiliary converter JN 3024/380 (220) – Russia
Other equipment for rolling stock
Diagnostic and Display Unit
Semiconductor constant frequency converter, type SK 2- 24/230.

A device for converting a low DC voltage to sinusoidal voltage with a constant frequency and constant voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz.

Mains stabilizer SK1,5-3×400 / 230

It is designed to convert a three-phase supply voltage into a single-phase stabilized supply voltage without galvanic separation.