Static power converters for feeding auxiliary drives
  • Input voltage range from 750 V DC to 3000 V DC
  • Power range from 3 kW to 120 kW
  • Modular construction
  • IGBT technology
  • Diagnostic and communication system
Electronics for driving railway vehicles and public transport vehicles
  • Traction converters
  • Static power converters for feeding auxiliary drives
  • Electrodynamic brakes
  • Control systems
  • Integration with the traction motors
Static converters for railway infrastructure
  • Sources for heating of points
  • Traction rectifiers
  • Compensated converters for railway infrastructure
  • High voltage power supply for testing purposes
  • Sources for power and control of electronic security devices

Static converters for public rail infrastructure

  • Static power converter to maintain mains voltage with charging station
  • Auxiliary converter for supplying various loads from the overhead line