Defence systems

Remote Control Weapon Stations

Remote-controlled weapon stations with optical sights and gyroscopic stabilization are technological top in EVPU production.

The system is remotely controlled and is intended for use on lightweight wheeled/tracked armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles. As a priority, these weapon stations are part of combat superstructure of the infantry vehicles, which are designed to perform combat and special tasks inside their own combat line-up and in the depth of the enemy’s combat lineup.

Production of EVPU j. s. c. is oriented for the following representatives of remote-controlled weapon stations:


  • Remote – controlled weapon station TURRA30 with mounted 30mm automatic cannon
  • Remote – controlled weapon station ZSRD07 with mounted 7.62 mm machine gun
  • Remote – controlled weapon station GLADIUS with mounted 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun

Alternatives to mounting for individual weapon systems:


  • Machine gun caliber 7.62 mm – NATO/Russian caliber
  • Machine gun caliber 12.7 mm – NATO/Russian caliber
  • Heavy machine gun 14.5 mm
  • Automatic grenade launcher AGS-17
  • Main gun 30 mm automatic cannon – NATO/Russian caliber