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R&D Projects

R&D projects supported by Slovak Research and Development Agency

Running projects:

APVV-17-0311 – Research and development of zero waste technology for the decomposition and selection of undesirable components from process gas generated by the gasifier

APVV-18-0160 – Nanofluids in Electrical Engineering (Recipient: Institute of Experimental Physics SAS)

Finished projects:

APVV-14-0856 – Research and Development of a Platform of Current Source Power Supplies Feeding Superconducting Particle Accelerator Magnets with Dynamic Mode of Operation, with Power Factor Correction and with Energy Regeneration to the Distribution Network

APVV-15-0376 – Cardiac protection in situations of increased production of free oxygen radicals: radiation and reperfusion injury (Recipient: Institute for Heart Research SAS)

APVV-16-0574 – Research on increasing of availability of supply networks formed by static
power converters

Projects supported by Operational Programme Research and Development

(EU co-financed projects)

Finished projects:

Competence center for research and development in the field of cancer diagnosis and therapy

Projects co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic according to Act No. 185/2009 Coll. on R&D incentives

Running projects:

Research and Development of Highly Efficient Energy Sources and Technologies for Transport Systems Using Principles of Industry 4.0

Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure (OPII) www.opii.sk

Running projects:

Innovative solutions for propulsion, power and safety components of transport vehicles.